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Natural 7 Chakra Bonded Stone, Quartz Sphere and Point, Hand carved and polished with clear quartz bead

Measurement: Approximately 50mm

*You will receive a similar pendulum to the one shown. Since this is a natural stone, there will be natural variations in the stone and slight variations in size*

Root Chakra - Muladhara - Red - located at the base of the spine. This is the center for our basic needs for security, safety and survival. The root chakra iconnects with the Earth Mother, allowing us to be grounded in the here and now. This is also the center of manifestation.

Sacral Chakra - Svadhishthana  - Orange - Located at the genitals. This is the center for our basic needs of sexuality, self worth, and creativity. This is also about friendliness, creativity, and emotions. 

Solar Plexus - Manipura - Yellow - Located at the solar plexus. Here is the center of our personal power, the ego, impulse, anger, passions, and strength. 

Heart - Anahata - Green Located at the heart. The center of compassion, spirituality and love. This allows you to love yourself and others. 

Throat - Vishuddha - Blue - Located at the throat. It is the center of communicationand allows the expression of creativity through thought , speech, and writing. 

Third Eye - Ajna - Indigo - Located between the eyes. The third eye is the center of all psychic ability and intuition. Here is where your spirit and intuition guide and help you tune into your Highest Self.

Crown - Sahasrara - Violet/White -Located above the head. It is the center of enlightenmentand  pure energy. Its where wisdoms flows from and opens up to higher consciousness.

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