Power Pendants Collection

I recently purchased a new book called 101 Power Crystals (I may use the word gemstone and crystals interchangeably) by Judy Hall (who is considered to be an expert in the gemstone/crystal field with tons of best-selling books on the subject) and the more I read..the more I wanted to share. So I created this new collection. The stones themselves are not related in design or aesthetic..what ties them together is they are all considered to be power stones. Each one has a specific transformational power linked to its metaphysical properties. And sometimes more than one.

I will be posting great knowledge and information about these power stones as well as some gorgeous pendants to soak up some of this luscious powerful transformational energy for yourself.  So hop on over to the blog...learn something new and pick up something glitzy, change your energy, and change your life!

First up in the series is:

  1. Power of Abundance - Citrine
  2. Power of Cosmic Correspondence - Lapis Lazuli
  3. Power of Friendship - Amazonite
  4. Power of Serenity - Amethyst
  5. Power of Longevity - Agates
  6. Power of Successful Love - Emerald